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SUNY Downstate News: September 2019


September 2nd: Labor Day September 29th: Rosh Hashanah

SUNY Downstate Announcements:

September 11th: Dr. Daniel Siegel, Clinical Professor of Dermatology, was featured in Dermatology Times, in “Genetic Test Could Rule Out Melanoma Diagnosis.” He is quoted saying “For melanoma, there is no other purely diagnostic assay for doctors to use,” he says. “We have good prognostic assays, but this is the only diagnostic test that is both sensitive and specific, that isn’t disruptive or harmful to the patient.”

September 14th: SUNY Downstate Health Science University was featured on, in “Scientists identify gene as master regulator in schizophrenia.” Co-authors at the University of Southern California and SUNY Downstate generated primary cultured neuronal cells derived from olfactory epithelium (CNON).

September 18th: College of Medicine student Dr. Lindsay K. Hill has returned to SUNY Downstate for her third year of medical school after finishing her Ph.D. at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. She was lead author in a study that “has created the first protein-engineered hydrogel that can survive in the body for two weeks and deliver sustained medication release.” Take a look at “Researchers develop thermo-responsive protein hydrogel”.

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