Since 2002, the Alumni Fund of the Alumni Association-College of Medicine has been offering a scholarship to support full-time research for a medical student.

This scholarship provides $36,000 for a student to conduct full-time research for one academic year.

The Alumni Association of SUNY-Downstate Medical College offers funds to support one or more medical students who are planning a year of full-time research during the academic year 2021-2022. Student applicants must have completed at least one year of matriculation by July 1, 2020. Priority is given to projects that are planned to occur at SUNY-Downstate or an affiliate, but all applications will be carefully reviewed. An application form is attached. 

Applications for the Alumni Fund Research Grant need to include the following:

a.       completed application form

b.       original copy of a transcript of medical school record

c.       description of research project

d.       letter from the research sponsor endorsing the proposed study and offering to support the research project, and a  letter from the faculty advisor, if applicable,  about the research project.

[The research sponsor is the laboratory director where the project will be done.  That may be the same person as the faculty advisor.  However, for off-campus projects at another university or research center, a SUNY Downstate faculty advisor is also required.]

A report to the Alumni Fund, including copies of publications, is to be made mid-year, and at the conclusion of the scholarship year.

Please contact Richard.sadovsky@downstate.edu if you need guidance.

Application Deadline: January 15, 2021