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Alumni Association Gifts Anatomy Unit Skull Models

I, on behalf of Downstate COM ‘24, wanted to send a deep thanks to the Alumni Association for sending us these plastic skull models for our upcoming Head and Neck Anatomy Unit! Anatomy has been difficult to learn virtually through a flat screen considering anatomy's tactile and visual nature. However, these skulls will help tremendously.

L-R: Priscilla Varghese & Christy Joseph

COVID has created several hurdles in our journey as first year students, some of which include virtual learning (as mentioned before), establishing meaningful relationships with our classmates (some of which I have never met), delayed clinical experience, and simply coping with mental health as we process all these struggles. Fortunately, although unexpected, we were offered the opportunity to get the new COVID vaccination. 1 year ago, we heard the ominous news of the outbreak into our country. 1 year later, we receive what could potentially be the cure. Although the challenges have been numerous, these skulls and the vaccine have kept us going. Although some challenges remain, we will continue to find ways to be resilient.

Thank you again to the Alumni Association for aiding us in this journey!

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