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Alumnus Lawrence Kane, MD' 70 Receives the Global Humanitarian Award

Alumnus Lawrence Kane, MD' 70 was recently awarded the 2020 Global Humanitarian Award by the American College of Radiology Foundation for his volunteer work in Haiti which spans thirty years! Read his story below.

My story is intertwined with that of the Haitian health foundation. The latter was founded by Dr. Jeremiah Lowney in the late 80s and it opened it’s Clinic and Jérémie Haiti in 1990. This area is remote and very poor there is one state run hospital for the population of 250,000, And that is very in adequate to the task of healthcare.

HHF however has faithfully continuously served the sick and the poor for 30 years and it has been my great fortune to have joined this outstanding NGO as a volunteer radiologist since 1989.

My job has been obtaining basic radiographic equipment and ultrasound from the New Hampshire Hospitals where I worked. To date, this is the only reliable imaging in this part of Haiti. Each year I go to the clinic for a week and get to review hundreds of radiographs, perform and teach sonography, supply textbooks etc.

Dr. Kane performing an ultrasound in the mountains of Haiti

Additionally, for 30 years I have had the privilege of introducing many of my various medical dental and nursing colleagues to our annual trips. we deliver expert medical care to those we serve and share knowledge with our Haitian healthcare partners.

My friend Dr. Lowney and the organization HHF that he created are truly exemplary and I am most happy and proud of my role in establishing a mini imaging center as a component of this extraordinary humanitarian out reach to Haiti.

written by: Dr. Lawrence Kane

Dr. Kane training Dr. Bourdeau, their Medical Director

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