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Class Notes: March 2019

Lewis R. Weintraub, MD ’47 retired in January.

Paul B. Ross, MD ’51 has been a part of PEIR (Personal Enrichment in Retirement), 150-200 members, which meets at Hofstra University on Long Island for classes led and attended by the members themselves, with two classes in the AM and two classes in PM, a lively lunch in between, 4 days a week. A dozen or more members are retired MDs. His area is English Literature, currently a series of Shakespeare’s plays, history, and poetry- rarely anything medical. At 93 it keeps him young!

Richard Mittleman, MD ’68 has been retired from the Permanente Medical Group for 12 years where he was a partner Pediatrician for 30 years. He has been married for 49 years and has 3 children and 3 grandchildren. He has been an avid Nature Photographer for most of his adult life and in March of 2018 did a once in a lifetime trip to photograph Polar Bears and their cubs in Northern Manitoba Canada. It was minus 40 degrees and snowing when he made the attached image of a mom and her two cubs. The other image is of 3 Western Grebes which are running on the water as part of their mating ritual.

More of my images can be enjoyed on my website

Sherwood R. Cantor, MD ’69 would like to relay a message. He writes ” forever grateful to SUNY- Brooklyn for the opportunity, education, and experience”.

David Klein, MD ’75 was a guest columnist for the Washington Post.  


In Memoriam:*The Alumni Association recognizes in the “In Memoriam” section, not all alumni listed are recently deceased. As we become aware of the passing of our alumni we recognize them to provide their classmates with an update.

Stanley Reichenberg, MD ’55 has passed away.

Bruce H. Levy, MD ’69 passed away on November 7, 2018. He was a psychiatrist and retired seven years ago.

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