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Getting the Most Out Your Donations

In my role as the Executive Director for both the Alumni Association and the Alumni Fund, I have the good fortunate of speaking with alumni in person or over the phone quite frequently.  Our recent article on ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIPS spurred a great number of conversations with individuals about setting up their own named scholarships.  One of our alumni made the minimal $10,000 donation right away and the scholarship honoring his mother will be awarded next year.

When speaking with donors, I have the opportunity to answer their questions.  On occasion, I realize that the answer to their questions may be valuable to more than just them.

bull of wallstreet


If a donor wanted to fund their endowed fund or even annual donation to the Annual Fund (membership payments are not tax-deductible), and wanted to be frugal, they might consider donating highly appreciated stocks or assets.  If you have held a stock or asset for more than one year and it has appreciated significantly, you can donate that stock directly to the Alumni Fund.  In doing so, you avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated value of that stock/security/asset as well as take a tax deduction for the full value of the donated stock on the day it was transferred to the Alumni Fund.

You can learn more in this 2015 online article from Kiplinger, speak with your financial adviser, or you can call, email, or write to the alumni office any time.  We are happy to talk through your options for donating to help us provide for medical students every day.

You can also learn more on our blog/website at:

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