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John V. Forrest, MD ’66, Blogs Medical Knowledge from 50-Year Career

With much help (as always) from my wife, Deb Pate, I now have a blog which includes an archive of many health related emails I have sent over the last few years. The title, “Jack’s What Really Matters,” was inspired by my frustration with the reams of professional medical and popular press articles which emphasize trivial issues and often spread incomplete, or even false, information about diet, drugs, medical testing and procedures.Huge amounts of money are made by the food, drug and medical businesses promoting poor diet and medical care choices. We joke about used car salesmen, but food, drug and medical promoters are the worst. They are killing people to increase their companies’ profits. Poor lifestyle, especially food choices; inappropriate medical tests and procedures; unnecessary drugs and supplements are the major cause of death, disability and physical suffering in western countries. We have glamorized this approach to diet and medical care with frightening results in developing countries. Some, like China and Mexico, now have a greater problem with diabetes than we in the United States do.

New topics “Diet, Longevity and Quality of Life” and “Modern Medical Care and Diet” are included, and a reading list and links to other relevant material will soon be added.This blog may be shared with anyone you know who might be interested. To do this choose the “more” tab and select “share by email.”

At top right of blog page there is a tab “follow by email.” If you want to be notified of future postings select this, type in your email address, and follow instructions to confirm. Anyone you share this site with can sign up to receive future posts in the same way.

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