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Miriam Vincent, MD ’85, appointed Executive SUNY Downstate Director for Healthcare Innovation,


Dr. Miriam T. Vincent has been appointed SUNY Downstate Executive Director for Healthcare Innovation and DSRIP.

“In collaboration with executive leadership, external partners, and key stakeholders, Dr. Vincent has been working to identify and facilitate high-value innovations across Downstate’s clinical care delivery system since she took this position on last fall,” according to Dr. John F. Williams, President of Downstate Medical Center. “Her role is key to helping us meet the challenges we face in the new healthcare landscape and I commend Miriam for her significant work on our behalf.”

Dr. Vincent is charged with developing innovations to transform the quality, value and delivery of health care at Downstate, and within northern and Central Brooklyn. The ultimate goal is to keep patients healthy, and prevent disease by providing comprehensive, supportive and coordinated care experiences. Also, to contribute to a highly patient-centered, effective, and value-based approach to population health.

Dr. Vincent is also co-chair of the DSRIP Implementation Team. In this very visible role, she is helping Downstate achieve DSRIP goals and objectives, working with designated staff leaders to build primary-care capacity and using technology to reduce unnecessary admissions and ED visits. This will include monitoring performance using relevant metrics developed by Downstate and OneCity Health, the New York Health and Hospitals-sponsored performing provider system (PPS) that Downstate has partnered with.

Dr. Vincent is an esteemed faculty member with a long history of dedication to Downstate. She is a 1985 graduate of Downstate’s College of Medicine and has been an integral member of the Downstate community ever since, holding important leadership roles in our educational and clinical programs. Immediately prior to this appointment, Miriam served as Chair of Family Medicine, first on an interim basis, and then, from 2001 to 2015, as the permanent chair. Under her leadership, the department built considerable strength, and became an early model for patient-centered care. Since 2008 she has held and continues to hold the title of Medical Director of Ambulatory Care.  The fact that while serving in these high energy, highly demanding positions, she also attained a PhD from Downstate in Molecular and Cell Biology and, most recently, a JD from Hofstra University’s School of Law, is testament to her ability to take on and succeed in multiple challenges.

“Please join me in thanking Dr. Vincent for her efforts on our behalf and for the valuable work she has done,” Dr. Williams writes. “She is a passionate and eloquent advocate for Downstate. Her appointment to this senior leadership position is another step in our financial and clinical care transformation.”

—SUNY Downstate

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