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Ralph Snyderman, MD ’65 appointed to the Argos


Ralph Snyderman, MD Photo Duke University

Argos Therapeutics Inc. announces the appointment of Ralph Snyderman, MD ’65, and Irackly Mtibelishvily, LL.M., to the company’s board of directors.

“It is a privilege to welcome a pair of profoundly accomplished professionals to the Argos board of directors who offer renowned expertise in each of their respective fields,” said Jeff Abbey, president and CEO of Argos. “Dr. Snyderman is widely referred to as the ‘father of personalized medicine’ and his experience running the Duke University Health System as well as his senior leadership roles at Genentech will help guide us as we advance our individualized immunotherapy through the final stages of clinical development, assess indication expansion and approach our goal of becoming a fully-integrated commercial company. In addition, Irackly Mtibelishvily is globally recognized as one of the most experienced international investment bankers and will advise on important corporate finance and other strategic activities in the years ahead.”

Dr. Snyderman is chancellor emeritus at Duke University, James B. Duke professor of medicine, and director of the Center for Research on Personalized Health Care. He served as chancellor for health affairs and dean of the Duke University School of Medicine from 1989 to 2004. During this time, he oversaw the development of the Duke University Health System and served as its first president and chief executive officer. Dr. Snyderman has played a leading role in the conception and development of Personalized Health Care, an evolving model of national health care delivery. Previously, Dr. Snyderman served as senior vice president for medical research and development at Genentech, Inc., the pioneering biomedical technology firm. He has played a leadership role in important national organizations such as the Association of American Physicians, the National Academy of Medicine, and Association of American Medical Colleges. Dr. Snyderman earned a doctor of medicine degree from SUNY Downstate Medical Center.

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