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Renovations & Updates

The College of Medicine at SUNY Downstate has been hard at work this summer updating and renovating classrooms, common areas, and our Alumni Auditorium.  Crews worked extra hours all week this week to finish the Alumni Auditorium in time for the inauguration of our new President, Dr. Wayne Riley.  In the coming weeks, all of the donors who have named chairs in the Alumni Auditorium will have their chair plaques updated and replaced as well.  Check out the photos of the updates and renovation including the new official names of some of the classrooms.

Additionally, the Alumni Association is happy to have our award case back for the Clarence and Mary Dennis award.  SUNY Downstate borrowed the display case for the 100th anniversary of the Hospital.

If you would like a personal tour of the medical school and/or to see the updated spaces, please contact the alumni office at 718-270-2075 or via email at  We would love to show you around.






Clarence and Mary Dennis Case.JPG
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