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Student Profile: Aishat Bakare, COM’19

Hometown: Queens, New York

Where did you complete your undergraduate education? What did you study?

Johns Hopkins University. Public Health

Why did you choose SUNY Downstate?

I wanted to be at a school close to home. I also love the community that Downstate serves and feel very passionate about being able to provide healthcare to underserved communities like the ones around Downstate

Specialty/ potential specialty: Pediatric Neurology

Can you describe the feeling you have going into your fourth year versus first year?

I have a stronger sense of peace and purpose as a 4th year medical school student. The future feels clearer and I have a better sense of what I’m called to do in medicine.

How has the last three years shaped you as a person, student, and future doctor? What do you think is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned thus far?

These last three years have taught me a lot about myself, how I learn and the kind of physician that I want to be. I want to be the kind of doctor that advocates for her patients and cares for the whole person instead of simply treating their disease.

Describe the process of applying for residency programs. Have you chosen the programs you are applying for?

So far, the process has been pretty exciting, however I know it might get more stressful as application deadlines approach. For now I will enjoy the process. I have chosen the programs I will apply to and will focus on programs in the North East

How has the Alumni Association for the College of Medicine at SUNY Downstate helped you (scholarships, clubs, events, white-coat ceremony, senior week, research, summer research, technology, healthcare in developing countries elective or other)?

I have gotten a scholarship from the Alumni Association two years in a row which has been incredibly helpful and for which I am grateful.

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