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SUNY Downstate Class Notes, Oct. 14, 2016




In Memoriam Harold Bernanke, MD `54 Dr. Bernake died suddenly August 20, 2016 in Rockville, MD at 87. He was a lifelong New Yorker and served as a physician on active medical staff at Montefiore Hospital for decades. He enjoyed medical practice until shortly before his death, and relished travels, conversation, good food, and a long laugh. Read Dr. Bernanke’s obituary in the Washington Post.



Martin Robert Feller, MD ‘60 Dr. Feller died Aug. 31, 2016, at Good Samaritan Hospital, West Islip, NY, surrounded by his family, from complications of Crohn’s Disease. He was born June 19, 1936 in Brooklyn, NY, to Louis and Fay (Cohen) Feller. Dr. Feller was a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and of DUNY Downstate School of Medicine. He was a captain and physician in the US Air Force. Dr. Feller was a radiologist in West Islep, NY, with South Shore Radiologists PC. Read Dr. Feller’s obituary in the New York Times.


Elinor Sverdlik Sachs (Dr. Elinor Kron), ‘70 Dr. Kron, age 72, passed away in St. Francis Hospital on July 20, 2016. Born in Washington, DC, she graduated from South High School in Valley Stream. She graduated from Cornell University in 1966, with a major in chemistry. Elinor received her MD Degree from Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, New York in 1970, and did her residency in radiology at Montefiore Medical Center in Bronx, New York. Upon moving to Hartford, she joined the Radiology Group at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Continuing in that field, Elinor became a partner in Radiology Associates of Hartford, serving the St. Francis Care Group, specializing in mammography, until her retirement in 2013. For much of her career she was the only female radiologist in her practice, and she took pains to extend herself to the many female technicians who worked with her. The female technicians in the Mammography Unit dubbed her “Queenie.” From a young age, Elinor enjoyed painting, a pastime she later resumed as she approached retirement. She explained that since her profession required her to analyze images, she wanted to adapt those skills to imagery in painting. In addition to studying with recognized local artists, she came under the tutelage of Sir Roland Richardson, an internationally-exhibited painter from St. Martin, who is known as the “Father of Caribbean Impressionism.” Roland recognized her aptitude with color and line, and invited her to study in his Master’s Classes on St. Martin. Elinor was invited to display her work at some juried shows in Connecticut, and people purchased her pieces for their collections. Elinor and her husband Jeremy also traveled through Europe, enjoying the painting and sights of Spain, Portugal, Turkey, France, England, and Greece, among other countries. Read Dr. Kron’s obituary in the Hartford Courant.


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