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SUNY Downstate News: August 2019


August: National Eye Exam Month

SUNY Downstate Announcements: August 12th: SUNY Downstate is featured in various magazines as researchers “Identify Key Mechanism Linked To Neuropsychiatric Lupus.” The Study: “Neuronal BC RNA Transport Impairments Caused by Systemic Lupus Erythermatosus Autoantbodies,” Feature in Science Magazine: “SUNY Downstate Researchers Identify Key Mechanism Linked To Neuropsychiatric Lupus”

August 14th: “Brain Molecule Identified as Key in Anxiety Model.”  “In an animal model, researchers from SUNY Downstate, the University of California-Davis, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that boosting a single molecule in the brain can change “dispositional anxiety.” The study: “Dorsal amygdala neurotrophin-3 decreases anxious temperament in primates” 

August 21st: SUNY Downstate President, Dr. Wayne J. Riley was recognized as one of City & State’s Brooklyn Power100!

August 26th: An excerpt from Dr. Richard David Feinman’s (professor of cell biology)  Nutrition In Crisis is featured on Chelsea Green Publishing in “Flawed Studies, Misleading Advice, and the Real Science of Human Metabolism.”

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