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SUNY Downstate News: January 2020


January 1st: New Year’s Day January 20th: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

SUNY Downstate Announcements: 

January 12th: Students from SUNY Downstate’s chapter of Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) organized the institution’s first Asylum Medicine Clinic. The clinic allowed participants to gain the qualifications and competencies needed for forensic asylum evaluations.

January 16th: “The Society for Pediatric Research (SPR) Announces New Members”, including SUNY Downstate’s Stephan Kohlhoff, MD.

January 21st: SUNY’s Board of Trustees led by Chairman, The Honorable Merryl H. Tisch Ed.D and Chancellor Kristina M. Johnson, Ph.D., held their winter meeting at Downstate. At the meeting Downstate President, Wayne J. Riley gave a tour of the University Hospital of Brooklyn and gave two presentations updating the board on the current state of the university.

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