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SUNY Downstate News: November 2019


November 11th: Veteran’s Day November 28th: Thanksgiving

SUNY Downstate Announcements:

November 6th: The Downstate of Mind published “#integration: Make Sure to do your Cardio! Part 2”. The blog was created by Downstate students for their peers!

November 8th: Dr. Stephen Macknik, Professor of Ophthalmology, Neurology, and Physiology and Pharmacology and his team are developing OBServ, a cortical optogenetic system.

November 14th: Dr. Jeffrey S. Borer, Professor of Medicine, Cell Biology, Radiology, Public Health, and Surgery, “has Been Recognized with the Albert Einstein Award of Medicine by the International Association of Who’s Who.” He was awarded for his achievements in cardiology.

November 15th: SUNY Downstate President Dr. Wayne J. Riley is appointed to the state’s maternal mortality review board by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

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