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SUNY Downstate News: October 2019


October: Domestic Violence Awareness Month October 10th: World Mental Health Day October 14th: Indigenous People’s Day October 31st: Halloween

SUNY Downstate Announcements: October 9th: SUNY Downstate is featured in Crain’s Health Pulse as “The AIDS Institute of the state Department of Health has awarded $1 million to the Health Education Alternatives for Teens, or HEAT, program at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University”. The grant is intended to provide transgender youth services.

October 10th: SUNY Chancellor Kristina M. Johnson announced the launch of a system-wide student mental health task force which includes Dr. Wayne J. Riley, SUNY Downstate President as co-chair. This task force will “make recommendations on how the SUNY system can address the mental health needs of students and mitigate behavioral health risks.”

October 18th: Downstate celebrated the ribbon cutting of its new PICU at the University Hospital of Brooklyn. The monumental occasion was ten years in the making and was designed with “family at the forefront”. To watch the ribbon cutting, click here.

October 25th: Mark Hanna, MD, a pediatric fellow was featured on, in “According to research, drones respond to emergencies faster than ambulances”  stating that “drones, when used properly, represent the ideal marriage between improved preclinical care and telemedicine for our future” as research from rush hour traffic in Brooklyn shows that the gadgets reach patients 32% faster.

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