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SUNY Downstate Student Profile: Demitri Dedousis


Demitri Dedousis, a third-year SUNY Downstate medical student, presented his preliminary findings, “The Effect of Formative Usage on Summative Grades for Preclinical Medical Students,” Sept. 3 at the Pediatric Medical Student Research Forum at the University of Florida. His travel was funded partially by an Alumni Association travel conference grant, provided by alumni giving.

The project goal was to evaluate whether the use of weekly formative exams by first- and second-year SUNY Downstate medical students has a positive result on student outcomes as measured by unit summative scores. He and classmate Christina Sorrento will work to continue further analysis.

How was this experience valuable?

Attending the Future of Pediatric Practice conference was valuable in many ways. It gave me a chance to present my research and receive critical feedback and suggestions for future directions. I also had the opportunity to network with physicians from all over the country and received career and residency application advice.  Finally it was refreshing to mix with medical students from all over the country who share similar interests.

Did you get any feedback?

Yes. Several physicians and faculty members who looked at my presentation board gave me suggestions for improvement and future directions. They pointed me to papers to read and educational strategies to research. One was kind enough to say “I can see that you will make a great medical educator someday, you are really looking at the foundation of medical education.”

Was it a good conference? How were the other presentations?

The other posters and presentations were of high quality. I was greatly surprised at what many of my peers were able to accomplish while in medical school or residency. There was also great diversity of topics covered, from molecular biology to social science.

Had you presented at a conference before?

I had not, this was a novel experience.

How valuable was the travel funding to you? We know you’re a med student, and probably trying to keep expenses to a minimum.

It was very valuable I would not have been able to attend this conference without Alumni Association support.

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