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138th SUNY Downstate Annual Reunion, May 4-6, 2018

The 138th Annual Reunion Weekend, May 4 – 6 2018, was attended by Downstate’s College of Medicine alumni at the Brooklyn Marriott! The three day weekend began with a student-led tour of SUNY Downstate Medical Center and Kings County. Alumni enjoyed the Welcoming Reception as they reminisced with classmates and met current students.

On May 5, 2018, the festivities continued with breakfast followed by the Scientific Program presentation: “New Diagnostic and Treatment Tools”, which was led by Chairman Dr. Jenny Libien. This year’s four presenters were Drs. Ann DiMaio Ricci, Raymond Roos, Hyman Muss, and Dominic Chow. Topics ranged from, care of sex traffic victims, to HIV prophylaxis. Following the Scientific Program was the alumni awards ceremony, with the highest honor conferred to Dr. Lawrence Brandt, for his distinguished service to American Medicine.

After the awards ceremony, alumni attended the dinner dance gala, where former Alumni Association President Dr. Suzanne Mirra handed over the reins to Dr. Michael Goldstein. The weekend came to an end on May 6th with the Young Alumni Bruch, followed by a bird walk with a local birding expert, Heather Wolf.

Scientific Program Topics:

Ann DiMaio Ricci, MD ’83 “Child Sex Trafficking: Recognition and Care of Victims”

Raymond Roos, MD ’68 “The path from New Guinea cannibalism to mad cow disease to all neurodegenerative diseases”

Hyman Muss, MD ’68 “Cancer in Older Americans: Challenges and Opportunities”

Dominic Chow, MD, ’93 “Prep for HIV Prophylaxis”

Award Winners: 

Alumni Achievement Awards Hyman Muss, MD ’68                        Alumni Achievement Award in Oncology Merle Myerson, MD ’93                     Alumni Achievement Award in Cardiology Michelle Zweifler, MD ’93                  Alumni Achievement Award in Cosmetic Surgery Stephen Danziger, MD ’68                 Alumni Achievement Award in Dermatology Jason Hack, MD ’93                             Alumni Achievement Award in Emergency Medicine William Doscher, MD ’68                  Alumni Achievement Award in Ethics Brendan Lee, MD ’93                          Alumni Achievement Award in Genetics Dominic Chow, MD ’93                      Alumni Achievement Award in HIV/Aids Research Andrea Bozoki, MD ’93                      Alumni Achievement Award in Neurology Lowell Schnipper, MD ’68                  Alumni Achievement Award in Oncology Lyndon Bernard Gross, MD ’93         Alumni Achievement Award in Orthopaedics Tak-Shun Choi, MD ’93                      Alumni Achievement Award in Pathology Ellen Wald, MD ’68                             Alumni Achievement Award in Pediatrics Ann Dimaio Ricci, MD ’83                  Alumni Achievement Award in Public Health Jordan Josephson, MD ’83                  Alumni Achievement Award in Surgery Master Teacher Awards Cynthia Abraham, MD ’08                 Master Teacher Award in Obstetrics and Gynecology Lawrence Goodman, MD ’68             Master Teacher Award in Radiology and Pulmonology Spencer Rosero, MD ’93                     Master Teacher Award in Cardiology Arnold Wald, MD ’68                          Master Teacher Award in Gastroenterology Neil Winawer, MD ’93                        Master Teacher Award in Medicine Kenneth Glassberg, MD ’68               Master Teacher Award in Urology

Alumni Achievement Award for Distinguished Service to American Medicine

Lawrence Brandt, MD ’68

Dr. Frank L. Babbott Memorial Award

Raymond Roos, MD ’68

Benjamin Zohn, MD ’25 Alumni Service Award

Kenneth Cohen, MD ’81

Clarence and Mary Dennis Dedicated Service Award

Teresa Brevetti, MD ‘97

Clark-Curran Award in Medical Administration

Eric Siegel, MD ’93

Honorary Alumnus/a

Edward Heilman, MD

Photos from the weekend and videos from the presentations and award ceremony will be available soon. 

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