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A Message From the Alumni Association President

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My fellow Downstate COM Alumni,

I hope that the experiences inside and outside of the classroom during your 4 years of medical school at Downstate prepared you for these very challenging times. The only thing constant is change and we must adapt to the environment around us, to not just survive but, to excel and help others along this journey.

The first Downstate Medical school class graduated 160 years ago in 1860 from what was then the Long Island College Hospital Collegiate Division. The Alumni Association was established 20 years later in 1880 to support the students’ efforts and wellbeing. It has remained an active economic, emotional, and social resource for all present students and alumni.

We are inviting you to join and continue to support our Downstate Legacy. There are many ways to give back and help.  We are looking for Alumni Ambassadors in each state to form a local chapter to participate in events, meet & greets, and fundraising activities.  You can stay connected through our monthly newsletter, zoom board meetings, and be an added resource to other fellow alumni and current students.

Call the office today or send us an email ASAP to help the next generation of medical students navigate these difficult times.

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