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A Message from the Alumni Association President: COVID-19 Update

As President of the Alumni Association, I have been working hard with our Executive Board and staff to determine our response to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. So it is my sad duty to inform our members that we have canceled the upcoming Reunion, including both the academic session and the Dinner Dance and Gala, originally scheduled for the weekend of May 15-17 2020.

There are many reasons why this was necessary, but the primary concern was the safety of our members. We are looking into rescheduling the event, but if that doesn’t happen, we’ll hope to see you at the Reunion weekend in May 2021.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put tremendous strain on our community, our nation, and our world. Much of the brunt of the impact is being borne by physicians and other health care workers who have been called to the front lines of a battle for our lives and the lives of others. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our alumni for their heroism. Many of you work in the direct care of affected patients at great personal risk. You are the tip of the spear in this fight against COVID-19 and we at the Alumni Association salute you.

Other physicians deserve praise for taking up the challenge of a lightning-fast conversion to Telehealth and for making changes to their practices which would have been unthinkable in better times. You are heroes for continuing your service to your community and your patients in the face of great adversity.

I’d also like to express my gratitude to those of you who continue to donate to the Alumni Association so that we can continue to support the next generation of healthcare warriors. We’re sorry to miss you at Reunion, but we’ll see you soon.

In closing, with so many lives and livelihoods threatened, I’m asking our members to take care of themselves, their families, and their patients. We at the Alumni Association are thinking of you all.

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