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Alumnus, Gerald Deas, MD ’62 Retires from SUNY Downstate!

pictured from left to right:

Pascal J. Imperato, MD ’62 M. Monica Sweeney, MD ’75 Miriam T. Vincent, MD ’85, Gerald W. Deas, MD ’62 Kristian Balgobin, Executive Director Jordan Foster, MD ’94 Carla Boutin-Foster, MD ’94 Marcia Edmond-Bucknor, MD ’04


Today, November 16th, 2018 is a very important day in Brooklyn. It is Dr. Gerald W. Deas Day!


For many years SUNY Downstate Alumnus, Dr. Deas, has been serving Downstate and his community to improve public health. While enrolled in medical school he was one of two, then one of three African-American students said Dr. Pascal Imperato, yesterday while celebrating his classmate, colleague and friend’s retirement after 50 years of service. For, Dr. Deas continuing his education after the Korean War was very important, so important that he came to Downstate in person to let the head of Admissions know why he should be here.

His years of training led to an amazing career in medicine, a career that impacted many. His accomplishments, to name a few, span from being the first black medical columnist for the New York Daily News, winning the battle with the Argo Starch Company, which forced them to add “Not recommended for food use” to their labels, to even ridding a woman of her migraines, that were a result of MSG. Though Dr. Deas’ accomplishments are numerous it is said that he prefers to focus on encouraging the generations after him. Perhaps that is the reason he wears a hat that reads “Ideas”, to remind them to “think logically and put our best ideas into action”.

SUNY Downstate President. Dr. Wayne J. Riley awards Dr. Deas for his many years of service to Downstate and his community on November 15, 2018.

The Alumni Association would like to congratulate Dr. Deas on his retirement and wish him all the best as he enters this new chapter of his life!

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