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Class Notes: August 2018

Herbert Freilich, MD ’56 is proud to announce that his grandson Michael Freilich is starting Downstate Medical School and will be graduated with the class of 2022. Since Michaels father Aaron Freilich M.D. also was graduated from Downstate class of 1989 this marks 3 generations of Freilich’s to attend Downstate Medical School. They hope one day in the future to get a fourth generation, Freilich, as well!

Warren Heller, MD ’60 is retired from practice. He has emeritus status with Bridgeport Hospital / Yale and is continuing the on Ethics committee there. He is also enjoying travel with his wife and a group of retired doctors.

In Memoriam:*The Alumni Association recognizes in the “In Memoriam” section, not all alumni listed are recently deceased. As we become aware of the passing of our alumni we recognize them to provide their classmates with an update.

Nicholas DePasquale, MD’ 56 On August 17, 2018, as lightning rode across the New York night, Dr. Nicholas P. DePasquale, age 91, passed away peacefully. He was born on July 18, 1927 in Flushing, New York to Nicholas and Eugenia DePasquale. From a young age, Nick was an indomitable thinker who challenged conventional wisdom, a trait that got him expelled from Xavier High School, but would later serve him well as a doctor. He enlisted in the U.S. Army during World War II, and was an accomplished collegiate baseball player, before entering the medical profession (just as his mother had predicted he would do when he was seven years old). He received his medical degree from the SUNY Downstate Medical Center in 1956.

To read the complete obituary click here.

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