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Class Notes: November 2018

David W. Morse, MD ’62 has a grandson who recently did an “away rotation” in dermatology and was pleased with Downstate.

Eric Kaplan, MD ’74 is retired.  He says “I am so busy I don’t know how I had time to work! People ask me how I like being retired. I am joyous. I babysit my 11-month-old grandson. I am involved with religious organizations. I still continue to be the town and school physician. I only miss my patients and office staff. I don’t miss insurance companies and electronic medical records.”

Lawrence Weiss, MD ’78 is presently semi-retired and living in Jupiter Florida. He was recently elected as a fellow in the American College of Radiology, which was a nice lifetime achievement award. He hopes his classmates are well.

Aaron A. Stein, MD ’79 would like to say hello to all his classmates. He is still practicing cardiology in Jersey. He writes “I miss the “woofer”. All my best to our class and my cadaver-mates. Mazel tov to all of us grandparents! Maybe we should go to our 40th?”

Kevin Vesey, MD ’80 is practicing with Catholic Health Services, doing hip and knee replacement surgery. He is the chairman of orthopedics for St. Catherine of Siena Hospital in Smithtown, NY.

Thomas McGinn, MD ’89 is the new Deputy Physician in Chief of Northwell Health and Professor and Chair of Department of Medicine Zucker School of Medicine- Hofstra/Northwell.

Alison Pease Woods, MD ’17 is now married.

In Memoriam:*The Alumni Association recognizes in the “In Memoriam” section, not all alumni listed are recently deceased. As we become aware of the passing of our alumni we recognize them to provide their classmates with an update.

Stanley Reichenberg, MD ’55 died on September 30, 2015, at his home in San Luis Obispo, California.

Gilbert Rose, MD ’73 passed away on February 3, 2017, of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. He was 68 years old.

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