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Class Notes: October 2020

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Peter Menger, MD '84 Dr. Menger's grandfather was a graduate of the Long Island College Hospital in 1910 and practiced EENT in Brooklyn until 1947. Generation two, his father Harold C Menger was a graduate of the Long Island College of Medicine in 1947. As an effect of the war effort and desperate need for physicians there was an accelerated fast paced just over 2 year curriculum.  In 1946 they were about to graduate their second class of the year but postponed his classes graduation until Jan 1947.  Wile in med school he did have daily muster as everyone was active military throughout med school and he was commissioned at graduation and served at  BASH.  (Bronx Area Station Hospital).  His fondest memory was the high quality meals served by the german POW cooks.

He then practiced EENT in Brooklyn and Queens for the next 50 years

Dr. Menger's son who strayed (could've been generation four)  and attended Georgetown med school is a practicing neurosurgeon in Alabama yet also serves in the Navy Reserves.  His son was activated and deployed in April and ran a covid ICU at Bellvue for 2 months. To Dr. Menger, they are all heroes.

In Memoriam:*The Alumni Association recognizes in the “In Memoriam” section, not all alumni listed are recently deceased. As we become aware of the passing of our alumni we recognize them to provide their classmates with an update.

Peter L. Miotto, MD '56 Peter Luciano Miotto, MD [passed away] on 10/4/2020 in Upland, California. Our father was a member of the medical school class of 1956. His example in caring for others as a family physician led 3 of his 6 children to also pursue lives in medicine. His beautiful wife of 64 years, Fiorella Miotto, continues to live in Upland near several children and grandchildren.

Thank you for hosting our father's curious mind and big soul during his years at SUNY Downstate.

Written by Dr. Miotto's daughter Gabriella Miotto.

Joyce Wallace, MD' 68

Dr. Joyce, pioneering AIDS doctor, creator of housing and healthcare for prostitutes and drug addicts, died quickly and painlessly with her son by her side on October 14th, 2020. Dr. Wallace was brilliant and funny, often inappropriate and beloved. She is survived by her daughter Julia Query and son Ari Kahn, their spouses and four grandchildren. The funeral will be live streamed on Sunday at 1pm,

Please see below for two articles detailing Dr. Wallace's work as a pioneering AIDS physician:

Joan Kinlan, MD' 69 Dr. Joan Evelyn Kinlan passed away on May 18, 2020 in Framingham, MA. Joan was born on March 14, 1943 in Yonkers, NY to Mary and Patrick Kinlan (both dec’d). Joan was the devoted wife of 36 years to Colonel Leo Boucher who preceded her in death in 2019.

To read the complete obituary click here.

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