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College of Medicine Class of ’89 Reunion

Names and Specialties (from L to R)

Mariano Rocky Chutuape     Cardiology

Dennis Slavin                          Pain Management

Tom McGinn.                          Internal Medicine

Danny Alpert                          Gastroenterology

Kevin Sullivan                        Anesthesia Critical Care

Dan Wilen.                              Orthopedics

Aaron Freilich                        Cardiology

Frank Gerardi.                       Gastroenterology

Bill Urban                               Orthopedics

Chris Seymour                       OB-GYN

Paul Zagar                               General Surgery and Attorney

Sports and medicine- that is the glue that holds these eleven members of Downstate’s Class of 1989 together. One year shy of their 30th reunion, the group got together this past April, in Manhattan, to reminisce about the days spent in medical School, either studying, playing hockey and basketball, or even running from school to Prospect Park.

This mini-reunion, led by Drs. Aaron Freilich and Daniel Alpert, was a result of a friendship forged many years ago. Their desire to keep in touch with each other and their close-knit class resulted in classmates connecting from all over the United States, some coming from Florida, Virginia and as far as Texas. What started with two to three classmates meeting once or twice a year, turned into six to seven classmates after their 25th-year reunion and eventually became eleven with the help of the Alumni Association and, since their reunion, the classmates have been in constant contact via group text, sharing stories, and running cases by each other.

The Class of 1989 is a great reminder of SUNY Downstate’s knack for producing educated, hard-working doctors, with a certain sense of community. In fact, Dr. Freilich considers his degree a “badge of honor”. For him, and Drs. Alpert and Christopher Seymour, it is important that their children wear that very same badge. While Drs. Alpert and Seymour have children who are in the process of applying, Dr. Freilich’s son Michael will be starting medical school here at  Downstate in August!

Has your class had any reunions? Share your stories in the comments below, or send an email to

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