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First Year Medical Students iPad Giveaway! 2018

On Monday, September 10, 2018, first-year College of Medicine students, MS1, lined up outside the Alumni Association office filled with excitement. The excitement they felt was a result of the iPads that awaited them inside the office.

210 iPads were donated by an anonymous alumnus donor who wanted to provide students with another tool to succeed during their time in Medical School. As expected, students responded with gratitude while still in disbelief. For many, it was as if Christmas came early as they had a multitude of different reasons why this generous gift meant so much to them.

From differing types of learners to advancing technology, below are testimonials from students on the utility of the donation:

” Technology and medicine absolutely go hand in hand with one another, so having this iPad will enable us to accomplish a lot”. – Nazir Jalili

” As a visual learner, using the iPad to take notes will enhance my understanding and retention of information.” – Marae Thompson

” This will allow me to interact with my lecture material in a very hands-on way and nimbly view the anatomy of the human body on different platforms”. – Trisha Chabria

The connection to SUNY Downstate, its vast Alumni Network, and the generous spirit has already begun to take root:

” I hope to give back to Downstate students one day in the same way that you so thoughtfully gave to us”- Emily Stanford

” I look forward to taking on your example and paying it forward to future medical students in the future”. – Lynna Zhong

” I hope I am able to influence medical students just as you have influenced me with your kindness”. – Noor Anvery

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