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Meet Our New Board Member: A Q&A With Chantal Pyram-Vincent, MD’ 05

1.What was your most memorable moment at SUNY Downstate?

There were many memorable moments, such as the White Coat Ceremony and graduation at Carnegie Hall, and many amazing people. It was an experience that cannot be summed up in words, but also cannot be forgotten. The bonds developed at SUNY Downstate are infinite.

2.What has been your greatest achievement since graduating medical school?

My greatest achievements include having my daughter Morgan Josephine Vincent and attaining my Master in Public Health degree from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

3. Why do you think it is important that alumni remain involved in the Alumni Association?

I think it’s important to help shape the experiences others have and to let them know support is there. As a student, alumni were a vital part of my experience at SUNY Downstate. Alumni funded scholarships I received and programs I coordinated, as a member of DHWS- SUNY Downstate’s Chapter of SNMA. The presence of alumni allows students to know their commitment to the institution is not over after graduation but, continues despite where we land geographically. 

4.What made you decide to join the board this year and what do you hope to accomplish as a Board Member? 

I decided to join the Board to show my dedication to SUNY Downstate and as a thank you to the alumni that helped me along the way. As a Board member, I hope to ensure funding continues to go toward scholarships, supporting student organizations, as well as traditional Alumni Association projects such as the Health Care in Developing Countries Elective which provided me the opportunity to spend six weeks in Kenya. I want to increase alumni membership, mentoring and donations, so we can create less overall debt for our physician leaders in the future. I also hope to promote diversity initiatives to help students have a well rounded, culturally competent academic experience.

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