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Meet Our New Board Members

SUNY Downstate College of Medicine is a medical school that keeps its students coming back. This month the Alumni Association welcomed three new Board Members including Orthopedic Surgeon, Jonathan Nissanoff, MD’ 92 and Orthopedic Spine Surgeon, Kevin Khalsa, MD’ 10, both eager to give back to the school where everything began, the school that taught important lessons, while fostering lifelong friendships.

For Dr. Nissanoff Downstate provided the greatest lesson on his first day of class. He learned that when it comes to medicine learning a textbook would not cut it; the only way to be a good doctor was to master the subject. Since graduating from Downstate Dr. Nissanoff has sustained a successful private practice with five clinics in five counties, which he notes as not only his greatest accomplishment but a learning experience. Downstate and his five year residency provided the foundation while owning his own practice has taught him how to be a CEO.

When you ask Dr. Kevin Khalsa what his most memorable moment at Downstate was it is hard for him to pick a specific moment. They were all memorable because they all included  his future best men (they still call and text daily), — Dr. Neel Shah, Dr. Michael Amirian, Dr. Krishna Das, Dr. Deep Singh, and Dr. David Rahni! In addition to his friendships which he seems to take pride in, Dr. Khalsa also takes pride in being the father of two “rambunctious” children.

Both Dr. Nissanoff and Dr. Khalsa have joined the Alumni Association at a time when the world has essentially turned upside down. We are reminded now more than ever of the importance of giving back and human connection. Though Dr. Nissanoff hopes to bring the best talent on the West Coast to Downstate and aid in the interview process, and Dr. Khalsa hopes to collaborate with other professionals “to make the Alumni Association a transformative  experience for all members”, both simply want to make their alma mater the best it can be. They share the desire to help because they are grateful for their four years at SUNY Downstate.

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