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SUNY Downstate Competes for Global Health at Emory

Alumni giving made travel possible

“It was an amazing experience,” said student Patriot Yang. “It tests you on a personal level, on your ability to handle stress. It built camaraderie. We made great relationships. Even though it was exhausting— you know when you do something you really like, and the hours just go by, and you don’t even know they’re passing? That’s what it felt like.”

Left to right: Jake Mathewson, Susan Yee, Bianca Rivera, Angela Yao, Patty Yang, and Kathleen Lozefski

Six Downstate students competed in the Emory University International Global Health Case Competition April 8-9, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The competition was a premiere opportunity to learn about, develop and present innovative solutions for a 21st century global health problem, said Justin Tien, a second-year student in the MD/MPH program, and recent past president of the Downstate Global Health Club.

“The problems that plague nations, others and our own, have grown so complex and involve so many international players that a simple solution is almost impossible,” Tien said. “And yet as future health care providers, we must start somewhere.”

Each multidisciplinary, six-student team competing in the EGHI worked through the same realistic case, and developed strategic recommendations to present to a panel of judges from Emory, the CDC and other organizations. SUNY Downstate competed against 23 national and international institutions.

“We learned how to tackle a tree in a forest and a forest of trees all at the same time,” Justin said. “Ultimately, this experience was beneficial not only for all the participants, but also all our fellow classmates, and even potentially all the future patients and individuals that we will work with some day. As our world becomes more and more connected each day, our actions are no longer inconsequential and we can no longer ignore the sufferings of our global community.”

The EGHI was an intramural event until Emory invited other US universities to compete in 2010, and international competitors in 2012.

Emory standing
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