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SUNY Downstate News: February 2019


February 5th: Chinese Lunar New Year

February 14th: Valentine’s Day | National Organ Donor Day

February 18th: President’s Day

SUNY Downstate Announcements: 

January 26: Greta Tim of Pediatrics and Claudette Marshall, RN at the Downstate Cancer Institute partnered with the Center for Community Health Promotion and Wellness to assemble a team of community organizations, providers and students to educate and provide health services. College of Medicine students Sofya Gindina (2021), Jessie Cai (2022), Harry Lin (2020) and Dominique Noriega (2022) all led their respective clubs. They performed eye exams, administered free flu vaccines, performed blood pressure screenings and educated the community on the link between health and human rights.

February 12: College of Medicine Students, all Class of 2022, Daniel Beltre, Lisa Kim, Kelsey Sklar, and Gabriel Cohen partnered with NYDocs Coalition to host an advocacy training event. The workshop addressed health care statutes currently under consideration.

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