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SUNY Downstate News: October 2018


October 10th: World Mental Health Day

October 16-17th: SUNY Downstate Blood Drive in Sodexo Court, 445 Lenox Road

SUNY Downstate Announcements: 

September 23rd: The first annual Advocacy in Medicine conference took place at the New York Academy of Medicine. Downstate, a major funding partner, was represented by  Michael Danziger, an MS3 student, and Daniel Lugassy, M.D. ’05. At the conference, both Dr. Lugassy and Mr. Danziger led a workshop on single-payer healthcare.

Septemeber 29th: Dr. Michael Myers, a professor of clinical psychiatry, was featured in “Healthcare industry takes on high physician suicide rates, mental health stigma”.

October: Dr. Tambetta Ojong, Resident, Family Medicine, is serving on October’s ABC News Medical Unit. The articles she has written are listed below: “10 Myths about HPV”

October 5th: “Downstate is supporting cutting-edge research for faculty and residents through Google Compute Engine. The powerful Cloud computing technology has allowed Dr. Dura-Bernal to run custom brain circuitry model simulations efficiently and cost effectively.” “SUNY Downstate Medical Center deploys Slurm integration with GCP, cutting compute time from five days to one hour”

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