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SUNY Downstate Student Profile: Abhishek Shenoy

An interview with Abhishek Shenoy, Downstate medical student, Class of 2017

Abhishek Shenoy pic
  1. Where did you do your undergraduate education and what did you study?

I went to Cornell University in beautiful Ithaca, NY. I was in the College of Human Ecology and majored in Human Biology, Health, and Society.

  1. Who is/was your favorite professor at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine and why?

Dr. Wagner is my favorite professor at Downstate because of his work ethic and continued desire to learn. During our first year, he taught us the fundamentals of cancer at the cellular level, a complex subject matter that was very well received by our student body.

  1. What is your favorite memory so far of your time studying at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine?

My favorite memories at Downstate have to be the winter formal/spring fling evenings at the Brooklyn Museum. Every year, this event seems to be sold out within days because there is nothing better than dancing and dining with your peers while enjoying a lovely night at the museum. It is also one of the few events that brings all four classes in the College of Medicine together.

  1. What is/will be your specialty?

I have decided to pursue Internal medicine after having some insightful experiences during my third- and fourth-year rotations.

  1. How has the Alumni Association for the College of Medicine at SUNY Downstate helped you (scholarships, clubs, events, White Coat Ceremony, senior week, research, summer research, technology, healthcare in developing countries elective or other)?

The Alumni Association funded summer research scholarships for myself and 30 other students when we were first-year medical students. These scholarships helped us obtain some of our first exposures to research in the clinical and basic sciences.

In addition, they helped fund and support my dream of delivering healthcare in my home country, as I will be doing a six-week elective at a hospital in Bangalore, India this April. Lastly, as a member of Medical Council, I know that I am in good hands with the Alumni Association as in years past, as they have been so supportive in helping each graduating class enjoy an eventful senior week.

On behalf of the class of 2017 and myself, I’d like to thank the Alumni Association for their generous support as they have made our Downstate experience one to remember.

  1. Is there anything else that you think alumni would like to know about you?

I would like alumni to know that although I have lived in four different countries, seven different cities, and have two citizenships, choosing Downstate and moving to Brooklyn was one of the best life decisions I could have made.

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