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SUNY Downstate Welcomes Class of 2020


The Class of 2020’s 190 students hail from 15 states and 69 different undergraduate colleges and universities, according to the Admissions Office. The newly minted med students toured Downstate Monday, Aug. 1, met administrators, and queued up for information on everything from photo IDs and financial aid to scrubs.

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M. Monica Sweeney, MD ’75, MPH Medical Alumni Association President Clinical Professor and Chair Department of Health Policy and Management

Alumni Auditorium, August 1, 2016, addressing the Class of 2020 I’m very happy to be able to welcome you on behalf of the Alumni Association. The Alumni Association is really very important. We work to support you through your four years. And then, I ask you to support the Alumni Association so we can pay it forward.

Without you becoming a member of the Alumni Association, the functions that we support will not continue. So, what are they? We support summer internships abroad. We support travel to attend conferences. We support research. And all of that is possible because graduates come back, and give to the Alumni Association. We also support an activity that you will happily take part in, the White Coat Ceremony.

We also support an overseas elective, and just had our students come back from the overseas elective from the School of Public Health, and many of them say its the best elective of their four years.So, there are many reasons to support the Alumni Association. But, the minute you graduate, I want you to send your name in to us, so we can stay in touch with you.

Congratulations to all of you. You look a lot different than when we interviewed you. You sound a lot happier. (Laughter.) Together we’re going to have a great four years. Let’s support each other. Thank you.

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