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Women’s History Month: Downstate’s Norma J. Goodwin, MD

Norma J. Goodwin, MD: Breaking Barriers

Dr. Norma J. Goodwin earned a B.S. from Virginia State University and an M.D. from the University of the Medical College of Virginia. She then studied Nephology at the State University of New York under the supervision of Dr. Eli Friedman at the hemodialysis centers at Kings County Hospital and SUNY Downstate, and then at the National Institute of Health.

Dr. Goodwin subsequently served at the Health and Hospitals Corporation as a Senior Vice President for Community Health and Ambulatory Care. She is currently an associate Professor of Preventive Medicine and Community Health at SUNY Downstate and its M.P.H. program.

Dr. Goodwin’s main interest has always been to improve minority health and improve communications to multicultural minorities. In addition she has always concentrated on ways to improve health care to society as a whole.

In 1984 to 2002 she founded AMRON Management Consultants, a national nonprofit organization for minority health. She is founder, CEO and president of Health Power for Minorities which specializes in customized health communications for minority health.  Her mission is to provide, develop and distribute information which is culturally relevant and which also improves services for disease prevention and early detection.

In addition, she has authored more than 60 publications and has appeared on several radio stations including CNN, PBS and WABC. She is known nationally and internationally  as a speaker for improving health care for minorities, as well as society in general, and has been a leader in many organizations including the American Public Health Association, National Medical Association, American Heart Association and the American Red Cross.

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