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A Message from the Alumni Association President: The Scourge of Diabetes

Every month it is my hope to add to the newsletter topics of interest that will stimulate discussions by our Alumni.

One of the most pervasive medical conditions that affect the patient population served by Downstate is diabetes. It is a leading cause of heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, neuropathy, and amputations. Yet with proper management including, diet, exercise and proper medical management of this condition much of the suffering related to diabetes can be avoided.

Drive through Brooklyn and you will see an unusually large number of dialysis centers. How many of those on dialysis are there because of poor healthcare and lifestyle decisions or due to lack of proper medical care?

Shouldn’t we be spending our healthcare dollars on the preventive management of the complications of diabetes rather than treating the complications of the disease? How many lives and families have been ruined unnecessarily by diabetes.

Please post your comments about diabetes and the possible solutions to this public health problem.

Michael T Goldstein M.D., J.D.

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