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Alumni Association honors Black History Month

Even though African American history is American history and should be celebrated every day, it is still nice that there is a month to point out the achievements that African Americans made over the past to help and shape this nation and world into what it is today. Those sacrifices, improvements, and achievements paved the way for many black and people of color to go to medical schools around the country today. They are the ones who made changes to make a better life for their children and the generation to come. These improvements gave strength that lasted for generations to come.

We admire the sheer will it took to take a stand and do something for a change. It takes a great mind to make a change. We honor and appreciate all the Black people that came before us that made society a better place.

Happy Black History Month! We salute you!

Be on the lookout for the Alumni Association’s take on what matters to us during Black History Month.

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