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Alumni Association Staff Changes

Alumni Staff

The Alumni Association is proud to announce the hiring of a new staff member, Kristian Balgobin.  Kristian is the new Administrative Associate and Social Media Manager.  He replaces Sara Harvey-Patrick who has left the Alumni Association to work as the Social Media manager for the Star Clinic.  We will miss Sara, her sense of humor, her work ethic, and everything she did to help transform the social media for the Alumni Association.

Kristian is a 2016 graduate of the University of San Francisco with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  Following his graduation, he worked at the University in a number of administrative offices before coming home to Brooklyn.  In his four weeks here, Kristian has already begun to connect with our alumni in students, and he dove into reunion weekend on his third day with a smile and a great attitude.

We are excited to see what Kristian can do.  He joins Financial Associate, Latisha Hailey, and Executive Director, Eric Shoen-Ukre as your staff for the Association.  We focus every day on engaging our alumni and students.  Our goals including increasing membership, increasing donations, and making sure that as much of our support as possible is passed on to the students through scholarships, research support, conference travel support, students activities and events, and providing for other student needs.

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