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Alumnus, Steven Brozinsky' MD' 72 Receives COVID-19 Vaccine

Earlier this year we asked our alumni to share their COVID-19 stories with us. This week alumnus Steven Brozinsky shared a photo of himself receiving his first vaccine! We asked Dr. Brozinsky about his experience, check out his response below:

"My office is across the street from Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, only a few miles from Mexico. Our COVID numbers are increasing daily and the ER is seeing many more patients than just a few weeks ago . Scary! At least almost everybody is wearing a mask but things’ll get worse before they get better. I haven’t seen my east coast children and grandchildren in person since 2019. Thankfully there’s FaceTime."


Have you received the vaccine? Do you have a story you would like to share with the Alumni Association? Share them with us by emailing

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