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Marc Tobias, MD ’12, recognized nationally for data platform

Marc Tobias, MD, a graduate of 2012 SUNY Downstate Medical Center, received a national award May 23, 2016, from the “Closing the Data Divide” challenge for his work in creating a new data platform, PHRASE. Dr. Tobias is a practicing Emergency Medicine physician at the University of Pennsylvania Health System and a Clinical Informatics Fellow at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The Population Health Risk Assessment Support Engine (PHRASE) is an EHR-agnostic system designed to identify at-risk populations and provide clinical decision support (CDS) to health care providers at the point of care. PHRASE allows for a two-way flow of data. Public health provides timely updates about evolving disease and patient risk factors through the system, while clinicians consume these recommendations in the EHR and utilize 1-click reporting of disease cases back to the public health department.

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