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The Alumni Fund Provides Research Support

One of the largest areas of growth at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine has been the amount of research being performed throughout the school as well as other schools within SUNY Downstate.  With

appropriate funding, we can only continue to grow our research programs.  Currently the Alumni Association for the College of Medicine provides summer research support for students completing research between their first and second year.  Those students must apply for the program and their applications are reviewed by Mark Stewart, MD’96, Phd,  who is our Dean of Research and also an MD/PhD Alumnus.  We have as many as 120 students performing research over the summer thanks to a joint funding effort between the Alumni Association and the Dean’s Office.  Dean Carlos Pato is also a researcher in addition to being the Dean of the College of Medicine.  He and his wife, Michelle, brought their entire psychiatry lab with them from California.  They are both working diligently to increase the amount and the quality of the research performed and produced at SUNY Downstate across all schools, and not just in the College of Medicine.

In addition to this program, the Alumni Association provides a stipend for a medical student to take one year off of medical school to perform more in depth research.  Last year, we had so many outstanding applications that we provided one full stipend and two partial stipends to support these students.  Given the new curriculum, research is now an integral part of each of our medical students’ educations. 

You can donate to support research by clicking here or copying and pasting the link below into your browser, select “other” and type in the word research. 

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